Inspirational Videos From John Clark and Brian Dawe

John Clark and Brian Dawe present their satirical take on the week’s events.

  By Clarke and Dawe 
How does the financial system work Clarke and Dawe - European Debt Crisis The Front Fell Off
Julia's First Interview.ImmigrationThe US Oil Spill
Budgets. A Masterclass. Murdoch Crisis Deepens Shock The big British wedding
Tour de France Endangered Creatures. Number 16; The Surplus Helping the government in any way he can.
A Call for More Unity A Plea for UnderstandingExtremely Well-Thought-Out Policy Number 212
A Very Firm Grasp of Matters Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive'Australian Values'
Scissors rock paper Consult an ordinary voter on house prices The Global Economy
Carbon Tax. Coming soon. Check local guides. The War in Debatistan Assumptions 101
Very Similar BuzzersThe Carbon Price Debate (in full)Freedom from Information
Who is Lara Bingle Television At Its Very Best The Way Forward for Europe
The European CrisisQantas woesThe Greek Economy
The Issues in Order of Height Quantitative EasingThe New Paradigm
On Banks Wimbledon 2012World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes
Clarke and Dawe on the Delhi Games

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